The Story of Mikaa5

Where there is MIKAA5 there you will find ART IN ABUNDANCE!

We heartily spent a lot of time in coming up with a name for our e-commerce platform Mikaa5. We derived this name from the Sanskrit word “Mikaa” which means “Abundance” with an intention that every product of ours should bring in Joy, Hope, Positive Energy, Artistic sensation, Motivation, Peace and Harmony in abundance to every customer of our in their hearts, in their families and in their neighbourhood. The number “5” represents the 5 elements of the earth, they are “Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space”, that plays a vital role in producing Positive energy among us and in our universe and this is the history behind the christening of “Mikaa5”.

You can carry on skimming or scanning the secret of our real success which lies behind our honesty, hard work and above all the patronage of our magnificent, adorable and art loving customers.

Mikaa5 is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry with over 25 years in the South Indian Art and Architecture business. There has always been an ardent demand for products embracing and encapsulating the South Indian Art and Architecture. Mikaa5 has hands on experience in bringing the personified beauty of the art in to your homes. Our Pooja Mandapams has unique cultural significance, religious significance and spiritual serenity. When an order is taken the entire idea is brought to life using modern technology and the art work is presented for confirmation to the customer; on approval from the customer, the soft idea is taken to our manufacturing unit comfortably located in Red Hills in the outskirts of Chennai where the art work starts taking shape to perfection engaging the finest professionals in various forms of art and architecture. We use engineered wood also known as Composite wood which is pest resistant and has a long life, it is definitely a perfect work that you could rely on for quality and finesse. We also work with composite stone, composite metal, teak wood and country wood.

Mikaa5 are pioneers in customizing products which are not restricted to religion, cultural and historical significance. We have worked on individual portraits, great leaders’ statues, religious sculptures and creative wall and garden murals. Our well experienced and equipped craftsmen present to you unique assortment of spiritual and artistic products that serves exactly the purpose of your thoughts by bringing in the positive ambience in to your homes. Our completely equipped art studio with craftsmen who have hands on experience and creative team who bring to life your expectations by working on materials of your choice such as Fiber Glass, Brass, Copper, Wood and a combination of materials too. Some of classic works include Pooja Mandapams, Murals, Garden Sculptures, Fountains, Grills, Divine Symbols (All Religion), Frescoes, Exterior elevation designs, Pooja Accessories, Ceiling Designs, Meticulously and artistically carved doors, Sculptures and Paintings in various mediums and combinations.

Mikaa5 is an organization predominantly driven and inspired by art especially in Indian art and specializing in south Indian art. We have products inspired and crafted based on Roman Art, Egyptian Art and also other country specific art forms based on customer requirements. Although Mikaa5 gets major portion of its business based on Indian Art form thriving from Hindu Mythology we have worked even on Christian idols and other religious inspired products such as Altars, Paintings and other creative designs. Mikaa5 has also bagged government projects in Chennai which can be seen on our completed projects section. We would love to associate more with international projects, customized products for NRI’s and International customers who would love to get their aesthetic works done with quality and finesse in mind. Our Pooja Mandapams, Mural designs, Artistic door designs and Aesthetic Accessories have been quite often shipped to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, Malaysia and other international destinations.

Some of our Signature Products will speak volumes of our works in the last 25 years, we have served both B2C and B2B markets. In the B2B markets we have worked closely with Builders, Interior Decorators and designers, Garden works, Temple & Church works, Hotels and Amusement parks. Mikaa5 is the brainchild and brand image of the company M/S. Bhuvaneswari Enterprises founded and owned by an Artist who has 30 years of hands on experience in the creative business. Mikaa5 has its very own successful Modus Operandi which has always improved to serve customers and bring their choice of art and aesthetics alive. We are pioneers in Crafting Hindu Pooja Mandapams also widely knows as Pooja Mandirs or Wooden Temple by people from various parts of the world.

Mikaa5 works closely with customers understands their needs, offer suggestions based on experience and diligently works towards an output that brings to life the ideas best suited to your homes. In this fast paced modern world with all sorts of pressure around the best thing a common man can do to bring positivity in to his home is by displaying what motivates him around him. We carry out customized works that will definitely suit the liking of the beholder. The artists at Mikaa5 offer their complete heart and soul in to the work they accept to bring forth richness, vivid color combinations, compact compositions of materials and ultimately the end result reflecting classical art or modern art or the perfect blend that is required by the customer.

Fulfillment is not the requirement of the customer alone it’s also the mandate requirement for us at Mikaa5, we promise to materialize and realize your art dreams that will fill your homes with Positivity, Spirituality, culture, Craft work and ultimately the presence of art soothing to the inner soul of everyone in your home. The world’s best Pooja Mandapams, Murals and other exquisite designer luxury art and artifacts products are conceived and given life at Mikaa5 in India. Taste the beauty and be rest assured to be addicted for life.

Our Motto

To ensure that our art work will echo your dreams which is priceless and endless