Lord Ganesha Yoga Mural

One of Mikaa5??s Masterpiece wall relief murals is the "Lord Ganesha Yoga Mural", which is not only a culmination of many stories depicted in an art form but also a perfect way to carry forward the same beliefs and faith to generations.

What does mankind yearn for? The answer is quite simple, every man yearns for Peace, harmony, happiness and a stress free life. A beautiful family & home filled with Love and Optimism. All these things are simple but not easily acquired unless man realizes what he needs. Mikaa5??s work of art not only beautifies your homes but surrounds your ambience with positivity that stimulates peace, harmony and solace in your nest.

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Ganesha Murals Online

An artistic representation of Lord Ganesha, which is a visual stimuli that brings peace & calmness in the hearts & minds of the onlooker and people at home. This Mural has Lord Ganesha holding representations of the 5 elements of nature and reminds man and his oneness with nature which is the ultimate truth.

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The seven chakras of the human system stretching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head is artistically exhibited in this Lord Ganesha Yoga Mural. A steady glance at this beautiful Mural surrounded with calmness would automatically bring peace and tranquility in your minds.

Surround yourself with positivity. Mikaa5 is open to bring in positivity Murals in to your homes from a range of budget starting from
Rs. 20,000 and up to 50 Lakhs.

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Price of Conceptualized Positivity Murals

High Quality Reinforced Metal with Composite Stone
Price Ranges of Conceptualized Artistic Wall Relief Murals
Starting from Rs. 6000/- per Sq. Feet to Rs. 25,000/- per Sq. Feet.
  • Product Number

    MU 034
    MU 045

  • Product Name

    Lord Ganesha Yoga Mural
    Lord Ganesha Nature Mural

  • Other names of Product

    Decorative Wall Mural, Relief Wall Mural, Lord Ganesha Wall Mural

  • Customization

    Available on Request in different Sizes & Budgets

  • Manufacturing

    On Order & Advance Payment

  • Material Type

    High Quality Reinforced Metal with Composite Stone

  • Added Benefits

    Long Life, Wall Mounted, Light Weight

  • Dimensions ? MU 034

    Height ? 8 Feet, 96 inches
    Width ? 8 Feet, 72 Inches
    Relief ? 1 Feet, 12 Inches

  • Dimensions ? MU 045

    Height ? 8 Feet, 96 inches
    Width ? 8 Feet, 72 Inches
    Relief ? 1 Feet, 12 Inches

  • Colors Available

    Silver Ash, Golden, Copper & Nut Brown

  • Other payables

    GST, Delivery & Packing &

    Key Drawing charges for

    new concepts of Murals