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Chettinad Wooden Pillars Online

Chettinad wooden pillar for your homes made out of high quality marine composite wood in all sizes, dimensions and customization by Mikaa5 is your undoubted choice as we never compromise on quality, durability and artistic looks. If you are looking to buy wooden pillars for your house, kindly talk to our customer care executive who can assist you with bespoke ideas in real time. Whatever be the purpose for the Chettinad Pillar you want either home decor or weight bearing, interior or exterior all you have to specify is your needs and we are on it immediately.

Height 95 Inches
Width 15 Inches
Depth 15 Inches
Weight 20

Wooden Chettinadu Pillars authentic Karaikudi Style

Chettinad Wooden Pillars have always been an all time favourite for home owners who love wooden craft works. These beautifully engraved Chettinad Pillars were once found in the homes of the famous Nattukottai Chettiars who lived in native Tamil Nadu those days. These Chettiars were in to banking, money lending and in to business. Their houses were filled with these exquisite wooden beauty spread all over, from doors to windows, furniture and luxurious rooms showcasing their richness, wealth and appreciation for art. A common Chettinad home would have around 40 to 50 wooden pillars for their house, some mansions or characteristic homes accommodated close to 100 Chettinad wooden pillars Online.

In modern days every home owner who has a flair for wooden pillars would love to have a minimum of two wooden pillars for their house. Even commercial establishments like hotels, marriage halls, malls, shops and other commercial set ups are going in for Chettinad pillars made out of Composite Wood which is used for Home decor purposes. Mikaa5 can conceptualize these pillars according to the need of the customers and customized according to the purpose it can serve like weight bearing, home decor purpose, interior pillars and exterior pillars. If you are looking for Chettinadu pillar online then Mikaa5 is your best bet as we make them in all sizes and specifications.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 95 in




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