Compact Traditional Thulasi Maadam


Our traditional and cultural Thulasi Maadam are made in different sizes to suit customer requirements. We have manufactured Big size Thulasi Maadams, Medium sized Thulasi Madaams and Compact Thulasi Maadams for individual homes, commercial spaces and compact homes too. The price mentioned for the Compact traditional Thulasi Maadams does not cover packing & delivery charges. Customers need to order to buy and our thulasi maadams can be customized too.

Height 12 Inches
Width 10 Inches
Depth 10 Inches
Weight 5KG

Compact Traditional Thulasi Maadam

Our Ancestors believed that the Basil herb which we call Thulasi is an ancient and sacred herb. Indians worship this thulasi herb as one of the forms of Lakshmi the goddess. These sacred herbs were commonly found in temples and shrines those days, people take them to their homes and make provision for the sacred herb by making a Maadam to grow the plant and venerate it to bring in good luck to the house. The Basil herb or Thulasi is also called the queen of herbs as Tulsi goddess was a devotee of Lord Krishna and believed to be a mediator between heaven and earth.
Another proven fact is that Basil or Thulasi plant has medicinal values that could help in easing stomach pain, digestive problems and gastric problems too. Maintaining this plant is not very expensive too but since it has sacred value & medicinal value people give it more importance and place it in a maadam which is called the Thulasi Maadam or The Sacred Thulasi Pot. We customize Thulasi Maadams in different sizes to cater to the space needs in modern housing requirements. We also customize Thulasi Maadams in different colours and make it look artistic, traditional and contemporary. Make your order now for Customized Traditional Thulasi Maadams which we make out of high quality marine composite wood which is waterproof, pest resistant and has long life too.
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in




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