Karpaga Virutcham Wall Mural – Religious Tree Mural


Karpaga Virucham Wall Mural is made out of composite wood also known as engineered wood, it can be customized and made out of Composite Stone, Composite Metal or even other material of your choice.

Height 18 Inches
Width 18 Inches
Depth 3   Inches
Weight 3 kg

Karpaga Virucham Tree Wall Mural made out of Composite wood also known as engineered wood which is pest resistant and long lasting. This mural has a wonderful glossy copper metal finish. Karpaga Virucham Tree is said to have its own significance of offering graces and fulfilling human wants and needs, it is believed by hindus that Karpaga Virucham is tree that floats in (Deva Logam) the heavens as you can see the Mural is crafted to perfection with the tree seeming uprooted. Its a floating tree that is actually placed by Hindu believers in their homes believing that it brings them luck, grants them their wishes and it plays a vital role in their Pooja Rituals. This wall mural can be place at the entrance of your homes or in the place of worship (Pooja Rooms). The price you see on the images are subject to change depending on various factors, you can enquire with us to get more details.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 18 in




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