Luxury Designer Art Deco Table Lamp


Have you ever thought about designing your own style table lamp that can suit your home interiors or synchronize with your ideologies? If you are on the same page as we are then we understand that you are looking for Designer Table Lamp or Luxury Table Lamp that could suit your home décor needs. You have a theme, concept or ideation we have an Art Deco Table Lamp for you. You read that right we make what you dream. If you are looking for this Scorpion Queen Egyptian Sculpture based table lamp you can place your order with us, if you want to customize your own then just give us a shout.

Height 24 Inches
Width 12 Inches
Depth 3 Inches
Weight 3KG

Luxury Designer Art Deco Table Lamp – Custom Table Lamp for Home

We have witnessed clients, customers who are so much in love with Art, Aesthetic looks, ambience of their living space and a unique eye to beautify their surroundings. While they are in look out for some bespoke makers for what they feel, we at Mikaa5 are ardently in look out for customers and clients who are art lovers and people have that flair for luxury and exquisiteness. One of our client who literally had a space in his heart for Egyptian sculptures wanted us to make a Designer table lamp with a sculpture base which he considered as a luxury table lamp when we gave him the ideas and prices. We had a laugh about it then, but we were serious about giving our client the best in terms of looks, material, quality and value for money. We understood that our client was not just looking for an Art Deco Lamp, but he was looking for something more than that. The output of that discussion is this Scorpion Queen Egyptian Sculpture base designer table lamp.

This sculpture is made out of High Quality Marine Composite wood which is waterproof, pest resistant, moisture proof and has a long life too. Above all Composite wood is a bad conductor of electricity and the customer loved it to the core. The meticulous works on the sculpture with a small scorpion on the head of the queen was a beautiful artistic element that added the flavor to the output of this Luxury Table Lamp as we called it. If you are looking to go crazy with lamps, or any unique designs in your homes, then you have ensure the idea is yours and we make it for you. Do call us if you need bespoke designer table lamp.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 24 in




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