Modern Arch Design Pooja Madapam


Modern Arch Design Pooja Mandapam is a conceptualised pooja mandapam made to decorate the existing pooja room space in to a pooja madapam. With a floral arch around and a Peedam to place the deities is also provided. Designs can be customised according to customer’s choice.

Height 84 Inches
Width 60 Inches
Depth 18 Inches
Weight 100

Modern Arch Design Pooja Mandapam is an art conceptualisation made to cover and convert a pooja room space in to a Pooja Mandapam with out doors. The arch is an ethinic Floral design made to bringforth that artistic and decorative look. This beautiful arch is fixed at the bottom with a Peedam or a Pedastal which is used to keep the deities if they are small figurines or statues and other pooja related items. Some prefer to place a picture of their god or goddess in the background. This conceptualised pooja mandapam can be made in different designs according to customers choice. This Mandapam will elate the presence of god aesthetically and artistically.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 60 × 18 × 84 in




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