Lotus Mural made out of Composite wood which is pest resistant and has a long life. This Mural was completed with a metallic finish and was crafted to be placed in the exterior of a home on the elevation.

Height 72 Inches
Width 36 Inches
Depth 3 Inches
Weight 25

The Lotus Mural is an inspiration from the Hindu Mythology as the root of the plant signifies Creation, the stem signifies the Protection, and the flower of the plant signifies the god of destruction. This Mural was made out of Composite Wood with a Metallic finish, which was placed on the elevation of the home. It is believed that Lotus also signifies positive vibrations at home and its the national flower of India. It is placed as they believe it as a good sign to welcome people to the home.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 72 in




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