Nature forms mural art has the Sun and Lotus on this art which is made out of Composite Wood which is pest resistant and has a long life. It can be customized and made out of any material of your choice.

Height 72 Inches
Width 36 Inches
Depth 3   Inches
Weight 25

Nature form Mural Art is conceptualized with a combination of the Sun and the Lotus which has lots of significance in the Hindu Mythology and commonly among Indians. This Mural is art concept of the Sun carrying its works day in and day out without tiring and likewise the lotus follows the Sun. The Lotus clearly signifies the concept of how one should not stick to the world desires in any form, just like the lotus leaves which dont allow the water to stick to it. This Mural means learn to live life together but not altogether. It was crafted to be placed in the garden as a garden wall mural.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 72 in




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