Simple Hand Carved Pooja Mandapam


Simple Hand Carved Pooja Mandapam was conceived with a thought to offer budget Pooja Mandirs to customers who would like to keep their Pooja Mandapam with minimalistic designs at the same time retain the temple gopuram, kalasam and pillar designs. The price mentioned here is not including GST, Packing & Delivery charges. Any further customization will attract more charges.


Height 36 Inches
Width 24 Inches
Depth 12 Inches
Simple Hand Carved Pooja Mandapam is conceptualized to offer people with a Pooja Mandir who wants to have designs however with less designs, low budget and at the same time infer the temple ambience. It comes in 3 design variants like wall mounted Pooja Mandir, Simple Pooja Mandap without door and Simple Pooja Mandapam with Door at different prices and specifications. This mandapam comes with a starting height of 3 feet and it can be done up to 7 feet or more. The speciality of Mikaa5 is our customization of products according to customer likes and budgets.
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 36 in




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