Single Deity Compact Pooja Mandapam


Pallavas Style Pooja Mandapam is specially made for small and compact homes or people who have a small space available for a pooja mandapam. This Mandapam can be custom made with Composite wood, teak wood, country wood and materials of customer’s choice. Mikaa5 makes Pooja Mandapam’s with an artistic and aesthetic touch.

Height 24 Inches
Width 24 Inches
Depth 18 Inches
Weight 35

Pallavas Style Pooja Mandapam Online

Pallavas Style Pooja Mandapam is custom made with an height of two feet, width of two feet; with elegant carvings on the top and the bottom of the mandapam. This is an open door mandapam however if the customer wishes to have it with an option of doors it can be customized. This Mandapam is for those who have a small or compact space available in their homes for pooja mandapams. This mandapam can also be made to serve the purpose as an external or outdoor Pooja Mandapam if informed materials can be suggested accordingly. Our Pooja Mandapams have long life, looks beautiful as every single mandapam goes through meticulous processing and its made out of sheer passion for art and devotion.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 24 in




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