Small Wall Mount Combo Mandapam


Small wall mount combo Pooja Mandapam can easily find its place on the wall, thus easily fitting in to homes with less space available for Pooja Rooms. It is designed beautifully with doors and can customized if the buyer is not looking for doors. Product cost is mentioned on the site, Packing and delivery will charged extra based on the location. The Pooja Mandapam can be Purchased online and when the team calls they can fix up the packing and delivery charges.

Height 48 Inches
Width 30 Inches
Depth 10 Inches
Weight 48

Small wall mount combo Pooja Mandapam is specifically made to suit the needs of compact homes or to fit in to a small available space for Pooja Room in a typical nuclear family home. It is named as combo simply because the style of the Pooja Mandapam is a combination of Modern and Traditional concept of South Indian art on it. Any concept can be brought forth according to customers likes. This mandapam is made out of composite wood which is pest resistant, water resistant and has a long life and good quality, this mandapam can also be made of other materials as per the requirements of the customer.

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 48 in




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