Customized Tulsi Pot


There is deep-rooted sacred bonding between Tulsi Pot and a common Indian household for time memorial. Apart from a religious context some have this Tulsi Pot at home for medicinal value and some people get a customized tulsi pot as a part of their love for plants and organic farming. We manufacture customized Tulsi Plant Pots according to customer requirements. The price mentioned here doesn’t include packing and delivery charges.

Height 15 Inches
Width 12 Inches
Depth 12 Inches
Weight 8KG

Our Indian Tradition is undoubtedly deep-rooted in its culture, tradition and beliefs for thousands and thousands of years. Our ancestors who found that these Tulsi herbs of medicinal value in many ways suggested that these plants be consumed to get relieved of some ailments. People took these basil plants and placed it in a tulsi pot and kept it at home.  Some people get Tulsi pots made out of concrete in front of their houses, some get customized tulsi plant pots done and place it in a place convenient to them or according to vasthu sastram. In today’s fast paced world people want the best and they want it at their convenience, they going searching for different types & models of tulsi pots online. In their bargain of searching for models, designs, price & variations people tend to forget the most important thing quality. How can one search for a tulsi pot online with quality? Quality depends on the makers of the tulsi pot. Mikaa5 are 26+ years in the business of making artistic household accessories and our products are made of high quality marine composite wood which is waterproof and long life. We make tulsi pots in all colours, sizes and we also make carved tulsi pots. If you are looking for customized tulsi pots online then we are your best bet.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in




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