Wooden Pooja Mandir with Wall Mounted Style


Wall mounted temple for Home

Tradition can never be overlooked even though we are in the modern world. Mikaa5 conceptualizes Wooden Temples for homes by culminating modernization and tradition with artistic flavors. Bespoke Pooja Mandir with bells & wall mounted temples are made according to the taste of the customers, following closely the theme of their homes and satisfying their divine desires. Mikaa5 stands apart from the traditional ready made cupboard style pooja mandirs to ensure that customers make their own choice as opposed to choosing what is available in the market.

Height 48 Inches
Width 36 Inches
Depth 12 Inches
Weight 68

Wooden Pooja Mandir with Wall Mounted Style

Having a Wooden Temple for home is a tradition followed by the Hindus for very many centuries. It is an ancient culture to have pooja mandirs or a dedicated pooja temple in every house to connect with the divine one. Indians are well known for their love for wood, carvings, engravings and craftsmanship and find it benevolent to offer that special space for the divine one. In the recent years people have come up ideas to have wall mounted temple in their homes to actually fit in the space they actually have. Some people love minimalistic designs on their mandirs and they opt for Pooja Mandir with bells and other embellishments.

Whatever said and done, Mikaa5 with its expertise and experience for over two and half decades understands the thirst of their customers, in terms of their style, reverence and divine offering expectations. Our wooden temple for homes come in more than 100+ designs from minimalistic pooja mandirs, decorative pooja mandirs, traditional and contemporary ones. Bells and lamps have always been a part of the Pooja Mandirs. When it comes adding embellishments we understand customers needs, some like Pooja Mandirs with bells made out of ordinary metal casting but some love to have those bells made with copper, bronze and panchalokah material and also a material called as “Im pon” in Tamil.

If you are looking for authentic, traditional and artistic style wooden pooja mandir for your home, then be sure you are dealing with the experts in the industry.

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 48 in




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